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Fortnite Battle Royale Revenue Hits $300 Million in 200 Days on iOS Devices
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Fortnite’s iOS version has hit a major milestone in just 200 days of being on the App Store.

1300 Billion Milestone Has Been Reached By Fortnite iOS Editions

Fortnite’s iOS version has hit a major milestone in just 200 days of being on the App Store.

After 200 days since its release on Apple’s App Store, Fortnite has hit $300 million in revenue from the iOS edition of the game. That might sound like nothing compared to the fact that the game’s editions combined to hit $316 million in May alone, but for purely an iOS version to hit a milestone of $300,000,000 in revenue is ultimately mindblowing.

The statistic is a testament to the popularity and influence of the game, and the fact that Fortnite had its largest ever month last month speaks that. The milestone – hit in just 200 days since the launch of Fortnite on iOS – is almost a record breaker. It is the second most amount of money an app on iOS has made in its first 200 days, just losing to Pokemon Go’s $300 million in revenue in only 113 days.

PUBG Mobile has only made $47 million in the over 200 days it has been on the iOS Store, but it didn’t add microtransactions until a month after its launch on the App Store.


SensorTower says that roughly 65% of this $300 million was generated from players in the United States and that around $20 million of the total figure was made on Season 6’s launch day alone.

It is estimated that Fortnite players have spent an average of $2.5 million per day since Season 6 dropped – which is absolutely outstanding in terms of sales figures.

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