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Nerf Is Making Fortnite Guns
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Battle Royale is coming to your backyard. Epic Games is teaming up with toymaker Nerf to bring the guns of Fortnite into the real world.

1Nerf Is Planning To Work With Epic And Producing Imitative Toy Guns From Fortnite


Battle Royale is coming to your backyard. Epic Games is teaming up with toymaker Nerf to bring the guns of Fortnite into the real world.

On Instagram, the official Nerf account posted an image reading “Fortnite X Nerf” and added, “Who’s ready to add some gold to their loadout?”

The partnership raises the question about which of Fortnite’s guns, rockets launchers and other weapons are suitable for the Nerf blaster treatment. While Fortnite has a cartoonish style that downplays violence, many of its guns are modelled after real-world weapons. The game’s more toylike weapons, like the tactical shotgun, guided missile and Grappler, feel much more Nerf-appropriate.

It’s not clear when Nerf’s Fortnite line will hit stores, or which Nerf sub-brand the game will be a part of. Nerf will launch its other video game line, based on Blizzard’s Overwatch, in 2019 with blasters based on characters Reaper and D.Va.



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