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[Season 8 Updated] Spray and Pray : Twitch Jungle
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the Plague Rat
  • Twitch's Attack Speed is among the highest in the game; try purchasing items with on-hit effects such as Black Cleaver or Wit's End.
  • Contaminate has a large range; apply as many stacks of Deadly Venom as possible before using it.
  • You can catch up to an enemy out of attack range with Venom Cask.
  • Twitch is fragile. Work with teammates to focus on him when you're able to catch him out of Camouflage.
  • Spell Shields won't block the damage from Deadly Venom, but they will block the effects Twitch can trigger with it.
  • If you suspect Twitch has left the lane, let your teammates know that Twitch is ''MIA.''

H.I.V.E. Incident Report
Code Violation: Industrial Homicide
Casefile Status: Unsolved
Investigating Agent: Rol, P.

Team responded to report of suspicious character, criminal activity; proceeded to Sump Works, Sector 90TZ. Sector 90TZ notably absent. In its place: sinkhole, smoke, noxious fumes. Interviews with private security indicate urgent need for better private security.
Response team entered sinkhole. Toxic runoff had melted away building wreckage. Two survivors located, one partially liquefied and dripping off catwalk. Six deceased bodies found among wreckage, three of them partial; two appear to predate incident. Causes of death include acute deceleration, caustic liquidation, and/or fatal crossbow wounds. Unclear if lab's destruction was itself the perpetrator's motive or an attempt to cover tracks.

Survivor #1 (Ra Qintava, facility researcher) brought up for interview, but unable to provide statement due to 1) post-traumatic stress and 2) liquefaction of tongue and lower jaw. Awaiting toxin screen and prosthesis fitting.

Search-and-rescue discovered apparent shantytown constructed from refuse. Recovered items include:

57 waterlogged romance novels, illegible, with edits made in crayon
108 bottles, unlabeled (possible toxic runoff or discarded shampoo remnants)
200 pounds chewing gum (possible installation art project)
1 jar toenails, labeled by toe/finger, date, and mood
Survivor #2 (Valori Olant, Sludge Analyst) in recovery; regained lucidity following prolonged therapeutic electrocution. Statement transcript excerpt follows:

NURSE: She's lost so much blood --
P.R.: Her co-workers lost a lot more than that --
P.R.: Ma'am, I need you to focus. Tell me what he looked like.
V.O.: LIKE A RAT! (pause)
NURSE: Like a what?
P.R.: You mean, small? Beady-eyed? Sorta rat-faced -- ?
P.R.: (to nurse) Can we moderate her painkillers?
P.R.: Nurse?
NURSE: (injecting Olant's arm with sedative) On it.
V.O.: We were just scientists, working on refining human waste into inexpensive baby formula... [EDIT] I saw - I don't know how else to - this crazed, enormous RAT - screaming at us! Kicking over vats! Spitting on our food! [EDIT] The lab was sealed. Industrial waste was spilling everywhere. Nowhere to run. [EDIT] I woke up in the dark. Well, the acid had melted my eyeballs. I could SMELL the twitchy bastard inches from my face. It said, 'NOBODY STEALS TWITCH'S JUICE!' cackled wildly, and skittered off... I can still smell it in my mind. OH MY GODS, I CAN STILL SMELL IT-

End transcript. At this point victim began screaming; has yet to stop.

[UPDATE: Qintava, Written Testimony]
Suspect summary, as reported:
SEX: Male (unconfirmed).
AGE: Unknown.
HEIGHT: 4'9'' (hunched)
WEIGHT: < 99 lbs. (wet).
STATUS: At large; armed, extremely dangerous; DO NOT ENGAGE.

H.I.V.E - Enforcing Progress!



It's me! Hahahhah

Hello again everyone, what's up? It has been a while since I wrote on here for the last time, lots of stuff to do, but anyways, happily, we're back with one more guide!

So, Twitch has been one of the tricks I had up my sleeve on jungle for quite a while now. As the Season 7 is now over, though, I tried to gather up as much information as I could for you guys, so you'll be able to master the Twitch Jungle for the next season!
Recommended full build
● Become a legend
  • Press the Attack
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Alacrity
  • Coup de Grace
● Hunt and eliminate prey
  • Sudden Impact
  • Relentless Hunter
+18% Attack Speed

1Table of Contents

  • Why Twitch?
  • Itemization
  • Summoner Spells
  • Runes
  • Standard Route

2Why Twitch?

So, Twitch is a late-game hyper carry, why would you ever pick such a fragile champion on jungle?

The answer is simple, compared to another AD Carries and even Junglers, Twitch has an insane gank potential due to his 'Q' Ambush Ambush.

Further, you Twitch outscales countless other junglers in late game. It all comes down if you know what you're doing, you will utterly destroy the game and as we go through this guide, you will see how.


Recommended Full Build

Skirmisher's Sabre
Enchantment: Bloodrazor
Runaan's Hurricane
Berserker's Greaves
Mortal Reminder
Guardian Angel

This is the build you should be going for on almost every game, the idea here is that you want to get a massive amount of attack speed on the early game, that is why you go for Bloodrazor[/quote] and Runaan's Hurricane Runnan's Hurricane.

Infinity Edge is another 'must-go' item for Twitch, huge amount damage, basically doubles you crit, increases your Crit chance... So yeah, you certainly do not want to miss all these stats.

Boots of Speed for Boots though, I like to go Berserker's Greaves Berserker Boots for the lolz, but sometimes it is just not very effective. You can then choose either Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads Mercury Threads, so keep that in mind.

The rest of the build is entirely your choice, just try to understand what you need

However, I separated some items you can usually go for as Twitch

Duskblade of Draktharr
Mortal Reminder
Maw of Malmortius
Statikk Shiv

These are one of the items I'd go for depending on the current state of the game, so definitely try them out, here's a breakdown:

I'd go for Duskblade of Draktharr Duskblade of Draktharr when there isn't too much tankies on the enemy team AND I am strong enough for that, otherwise, I'd choose something else.

Mortal Reminder Mortal Reminder is a trustworthy option if you're looking for penetration and, obviously, mitigating heal effects. I actually do like this item better than Lord Dominik's Regards.

Maw of Malmortius Maw of Malmortimus on the other hand, is genuinely a good offensive-defensive item, not only it gives you more damage and cooldown reduction, but also gives you a whole lot of survivability!

Statikk Shiv Another offensive item for when you're winning, although I don't think it is really necessary for Twitch as you get so much attack speed from Legend: AlacrityLegend: Alacrity

4Summoner Spells

You should go for

Flash Smite

This is indeed pretty obvious, but I saw some Twitches choosing for Ghost Ghost instead, so yeah guys, always take Flash! Haha.


Now, for the runes section, I'll try to briefly explain why I and many other players usually pick Press the Attack Press The Attack over Lethal Tempo Lethal Tempo

Obviously, the removal of Fervor was a huge deal for Twitch and Twtich players surely miss it, but Press The Attack's damage does not feel that bad in the early stages of the game. It does fall behind later, but in my opinion, still better than Lethal Tempo.

Subsequently, I'll quickly go over the other runes on the three. Not going to compare them, so this section won't be long

Precision Tree

Triumph Triumph is a matter of fact one of the best runes and apparently it won't get nerfed anytime soon. Compared to the others on the same set, Triumph seems to be by far the best.

Legend: Alacrity Legend:
is a must have, this it what makes your attack speed scales for an insane amount throughout the game.

Coup de Grace Coup de Grace is what AD Carries use the most, plus the other ones are not very effective.

Domination Tree

Sudden Impact Sudden Impact will help you on early ganks as well as in late-game fights. Go for it!

Relentless Hunter Relentless Hunter helps you set up your ganks in mid-game as well as quickly go through the map in order to pick fights and do objectives along with your team.

6Standard Route and Tips

Essentially, you will do the same route every game, at least for the early game. Because of that, you will need to protect the entrances for your own jungle in order to avoid a possible invade coming from the other team.

This is the route you should be doing every game:


Starting Red Buff allows you to kite the jungle monsters better and, therefore, do your clear faster, not to mention your gank potential.

On this pre-season though, you have to be really careful when playing Twtich Jungle as Riot, yet another time, changed the jungle experience, so make sure to ward your jungle and after the first gank, go back and try to clear as much jungle camps as you can.

Also, when you feel stronger than the other jungler, if your team has pressure around the map, do not hesitate to invade and put the enemy jungler behind

Ganking as Twitch

The most fun part and yet the most difficult. The level 2 Cheese mid or Level 3 Cheese top will almost always turn into a kill for your team, but the game isn't won by them, you gotta try to gank lanes with good a set up (a stun, slow or snare) and don't hesitate to sit in a lane for 30 seconds in order to put up a gank, most times you will have to use Ambush Ambush multiple times in a gank, so don't panic if the first time doesn't go through!

Moreover, at least in the early stages of the game, you should NOT try to gank strong assassins like
Talon Talon or
Zed Zed, unless you know you will burst them before them burst you.

Notice that you never want to fall behind as Twitch Jungle, for the simple reason that if you fall behind most champions will abuse your weaknesses.

Pro-tip: Try to use your W toward the direction that you think the enemy will try to run to, so that you have guaranteed slow and stacks for your E

Mid and late game as Twitch

Usually if you're strong you want to pick fights right? Right! It is no different as Twitch, but you have the advantage of your Ambush to quickly sneak peak into your enemies and assassinate them.

Just try to intelligently play a bit more risky


Twitch jungle is overall a very strong pick and if you know how to abuse it at least decently you can farm elo like crazy! Definitely give it a try! :)

Further, I want to give some special tanks to RAT IRL, the guy who I learned Twitch jungle from, he's a challenger Twitch jungle main, if you really want to learn/main Twitch make sure to check out his Twitch/Youtube

Here's a little video about him:

Thank you so much for reading until here!