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Epic finally decided to take actions on the vicious and flooded spamming and trading requests in Fortnite, although since the first toxic advertisement had been made and broadcasted in global chat for more than six months.
Today is the first day of last Beta Test of Fortnite China server for next two-weeks publicity and exploration, more than 20 days after the limited test had been released as scheduled.
Although there are always some places and problems the patch didn’t step into or feel helpless. Here is the collection of retained or new-found bugs and unannounced changes after the 5.21 patch released.
It was one of worst days for those players just got the hands on their newly purchased Fortnite Skins such as Drift, Zoey Huntress, Valor, Fate and other skins with capes-ish clothing since a glitch has been released and stuck on those skins for some days.
Whether or not you are a professional exploiter in Fortnite Save The Word, you have to ditch out the road you have already taken for all the time - Epic announced they will forbid people duping again once "they get caught up", and the glitch has been fixed in the last server release.