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How to Survive in Duos
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Welcome to the "How to Survive in Duos" guide that will hopefully help you survive in duo mode, what you will find here are a few tips and tricks that i have found during my time playing this game that will hopefully help you survive.

I am going to assume at this point that you have got at least some understanding of how this game works but just in case you are wise and are trying to familiarise yourself with the game before starting, here is the basic premise.

You start with 100 players in teams of 2, you jump from the flying party bus blimp and try to land as close to your teammate as possible.

At this point you need to scavenge whatever weapons and resources you can find while fighting off the other teams.

Every few minutes there is a storm that moves in over a random area of the map and your job is to stay within the eye of the storm, killing anybody that stands in your way until your team is the final team remaining.

So without any further delay here is my Fortnite survival guide.

1Communication is key


Fortnite without communication is just like playing paintball with earplugs, only a lot more difficult.

Firstly, when deploying from the bus you need communication in order to synchronise your jump.

Sure you can wait for your teammate to jump first but what happens if they are waiting for you to jump first? You may think that the answer is to just jump when you are ready and just hope that they follow behind like a good second in command and of course sometimes this works but sometimes it doesn’t.

Things don’t get better once on the ground because without any real communication it is just a bunch of looking where your teammate is to see who is actually following who and not enough time spent looking out for other teams.

So my first tip here would be, get yourself a headset with a microphone and hope that everybody else gets one too.



This may seem pretty obvious, but what does it mean in this situation, basically put it means looking out for each other.

When one of you is building the other is keeping watch.
When one of you is doing the grind, demolishing every tree in their path, the other is keeping watch. When one of you finds a weapon you think the other could use, give it to them.

If you get shot, get to cover and expect a healing.
If your teammate gets shot and is in a safe enough place, heal them.

When entering a possible hostile area, stay in contact with each other.
If there is not form of communication, remain within sight of each other.
Basically you need to be the teammate you wish to have.

3Sometimes people suck

The world can be a cruel mistress, and in fortnite people can be just as cruel. I know that this can happen because it happened to me.

Sometimes you can be the perfect teammate, healing your partner and covering them while they build or farm, then sometimes something happens and you get downed and sometimes your teammate that you carried runs away leaving you to die.

So again I find myself saying, be the teammate you wish you could have.
Betrayal is always a possibility, but don’t be that guy yourself, look after your team.



I have said once before on solo mode that building is not always your best choice, structures that are being built have a glowing blue outline that can be seen from quite a distance and quite often people are drawn to it like moths to a flame.

I know this because I do this, one less competitor is one less person that may shoot me later.

However, in duo mode building does have its merits, especially once the playing field is mostly gone and there are but a few of you left.

Cover is always helpful and even though it does get shot away sometimes way too quickly it can save your life and this is where duo differs from solo mode, using that famous teamwork, one player should keep an eye out for visitors while the other builds your cover.

5Lone survivor

Having a teammate be killed or kicked is always a very real possibility and you need to be prepared for when this happens, while it is important to share equipment and be a good teammate, don’t neglect your own load out.

Keep yourself well stocked and try to make sure you have always got bandages and enough ammunition because if you lose a teammate on the battlefield your play style reverts back to solo play, only with the difficulty turned up to 11.

Always remember, even though you are the lone survivor there will be complete teams out there and they will have the upper hand.

So you know, no pressure.