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How to Survive in Solo
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If you are new to Fortnite or even struggling to get somewhere in the matches then continue reading as I am about to unveil every tip and trick that I have picked up during my time playing this game.

If you have heard about Fortnite but are unfamiliar with the scenario, allow me to explain.

Basically you are airdropped onto an island, you have only got a pick axe and 99 other players spread out over the map.

The point of the game is to be the last man standing by gunning down every opponent in sight by picking up weapons in buildings and staying within the eye of the storm which shrinks every few minutes, forcing all remaining players into an ever shrinking area until only one remains.



Once the game begins you will be in a party bus flying over this island, you will be able to hold off deployment until you are near the area you prefer.

Most people jump early, hoping to get a quick start on the game by landing first and having their pick of the equipment.

For a new player, or even an experienced one trying to work towards their first win I do not recommend this tactic.

It’s true that it may work if you are one of the first on the ground and land near to a pretty great weapon but more often than not you will come face to face with another player or three and you will be shot down before you can pull of your first shot.

Essentially, stay away from the “residential” areas, the loot is great but the chance of tasting another players’ bullets is just as great.

My personal preference if to land anywhere along the two main rivers feeding into the lake, you may not find a great weapon right away but there are still plenty of shelters around which do offer some supplies to help you in the long run and you seldom run straight into danger, giving you plenty of time to prepare your arsenal.



While collecting weapons during your games you will often collect supplies such as wood or metal, these are used for building shelters or even cover when in a tough spot, and although this is essential in the player vs environment games, it is not always recommended while playing in battle royal.

As you may notice above, when something is being built it has a glowing blue outline which can be seen from quite some distance and takes a few seconds to disappear, more than enough time than it takes to get noticed.

In essence, try not to build unless absolutely necessary, and even then watch your back.


Weapons in Fortnite have multiple levels of rarity, grey, blue, green, purple and orange. These vary from common (grey) to legendary (Orange) and each level of rarity gives you more damage and better accuracy and speed.

Personally I believe that the best weapon you could come across is the legendary sniper rifle since most combat occurs at medium to long range and it has the most sopping power. That said purple weapons are also well worth the find and in a pinch even a grey weapon is better than a pick axe and a prayer.

You have 5 primary weapon slots which can be scrolled through relatively easy and fast enough to keep you in the fight and I find it preferable to make sure you always have some bandages, a shotgun and an assault rifle at hand, ensuring you can fight at close and medium range before finding cover and bandaging up your wounds.

Of course this is not always possible and not always in your control but it is well worth remembering.



Cover in Fortnite as in any game is pretty high up the importance ladder, you may think that it is needless to say, but in every game I have played I have found some poor soul running free in the middle of a field, not a single tree or house around for them to duck behind, of course sometimes you need to move from point A to B and your hand is forced but always keep your eyes peeled and trigger finger at the ready.

One thing to remember is that trees and houses can be destroyed when being shot at and so do not provide permanent cover when in a gunfight.

Personally I find it best to use cover to spot your attacker and then make them regret ever picking on you, it may not always work but it is better than cowering behind a disappearing tree.

Bushes on the other hand provide no protection from gunfire but I cannot tell you how many times I have evaded somebody by finding a good bush to hide in.

With the lack of a name above your head while in game it does make things quite difficult for people when they lose sight of you. Always try keep a good bush nearby.


In conclusion, I hope that this guide was helpful and will help you better survive in the future.

I hope to see you out there sometime, remembering my words of wisdom as you line up your winning shot.