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Fury Warrior 7.3 - PVP BG Guide
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Fury Warriors are a very formidable melee specialization. Offering an insane amount of burst damage with short cooldowns. Lacking in defensive abilities and CC effects.
Gladiator's Medallion
Reinforced Armor
4Death Row
Death Sentence
6Rage Machine
Spell Reflection
40Master and Commander
Battle Trance
43Thirst for Battle
Endless Rage
46Death Wish
Tier 1

Gladiator's Medallion is the optimal talent to choose in this teir. Being able to successfully avoid a longer CC like polymorph, Cyclone or Blind is essential.

Tier 2

Reinforced Armor is the optimal talent to choose in this tier. Providing you with an additional 10% health is essential. Think of Fury Warriors as glass cannons, dealing arguably the largest single target dps but severely lacking defensive abilities.

Tip: Bloodthirst heals you for 4% of your total health, if you have the additional 10% health that Reinforced Armor provides you will heal yourself for more than without it.

Tier 3

This tier depends purely on the enemy’s composition. If the majority of the DPS is melee I would suggest taking Disarm, however if they are ranged I would take Death Sentence. Having the ability to have a 15 yard execute rage is god like.

Tier 4

Spell Reflect is the optimal talent to choose in tier. Being able to reflect important utility spells is essential! i.e. Polymorph, Fear, Cyclone, Thorns etc.

It can also be used to reflect high damage spells i.e. Chaos Bolt, Pyroblast etc.

Tier 5

Battle Trance is the optimal talent to choose in this tier. After raging blow the same target twice you go into a trance causing to regenerate 3% of your health and 5 rage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds. If you are struggling with survivability this is definitely a great solution

If, however you don’t feel you need the extra survivability but instead need extra mobility Barbarian is a great alternative.

Tier 6

Endless Rage is the optimal talent to choose in this tier. Increase the duration of your enrage effect by 1 second and your raging blow refreshes the duration of enrage. The longer your Enrage passive is active the more overall damage you can dish out.
War Machine
Endless Rage
Fresh Meat
Storm Bolt
Double Time
Wrecking Ball
Furious Charge
Bounding Stride
Frothing Berserker
Inner Rage
Reckless Abandon
Dragon Roar
Tier 1

Endless Rage is the optimal choice here if your running BG's without a healer. More often than not if your attempting to down the healers on the backline you will get focused down relatively quickly. For this reason, I take the increased generated rage in the hopes of dealing significantly more damager over shorter periods of time.

If, however you are partnered up with a healer or for whatever reason you feel like you won’t be targeted as much I would suggest going with War Machine. The less you are focused the more damage you can inflict on the enemy, equating in more kills and more War Machine uptime.

Tier 2

This tier depends purely on preference in BG’s. Personally, I prefer Storm Bolt due to its longer range. It can be a great gap closer if all over mobility spells are on cooldown, as well a useful interrupt for incoming CC’s or healing spells

Tip: Always check the enemies line up before the battle starts, If the majority of the DPS is melee then it could be a smarter decision to pick Shock Wave over Storm Bolt.

Tier 3

Avatar is the optimal talent to choose in this tier. Providing an additional 20% increased damage over a 20 second period is crazy when coupled with the rest of your burst rotation. Additionally, it will remove all roots & snares when the ability is activated. At a 1.5 minute cooldown it’s a must have.

Tier 4

This tier depends purely on preference in BG’s. If your struggling to stay alive I would suggest picked either Furious Charge or Warpaint. If you are lacking the mobility to catch those pesky mages Bounding Stride will benefit you greatly.

Tier 5

Frothing Berserker is the optimal talent to choose in this tier. Giving you an additional 10% damage whenever you reach 100 rage is essential when contributing to your burst window. The 30% movement speed increase for 6 seconds is also great for catching those super mobile classes. Mages cough cough.

Tier 6

Inner Rage is the optimal talent to choose in this tier. Raging Blow no longer requires you to be enrage and deals 150% increased damage. Raging Blow is your hardest hitting ability and selecting this talent gives you the ability to use it more frequently.

Tier 7

Reckless Abandon is the optimal talent to choose in this tier. The passive to gain 100 rage whenever you activate Battle Cry is essential during your burst window.

1Fury Rotation

Sustain Damage

  • Charge for rage and to get in range
  • Raging Blow
  • Bloodthirst
  • Furious Slash/Whirlwind (for multiple targets)

Continue the above rotation until you reach 100 rage so you can benefit from Frothing Beserker

  • Rampage
  • Raging Blow
  • Bloodthirst
  • Furious Slash/Whirlwind (for multiple targets)

Rinse and repeat both parts to keep optimal sustain damage.

Burst Damage

  • Battle Cry
  • Avatar
  • Rampage
  • Raging Blow
  • Odyn's Fury
  • Bloodthirst
  • Rampage
  • Raging Blow

Above is your core burst with the exception of Avatar you will be able to perform this burst every 50 seconds like clockwork.

Tip: Odyn's fury does an insane amount of cleave damage, take that into consideration while bursting.

2Useful Macros

Here are some handy macros you can use to make your learning experience a little easier, while making you more efficient at destroying your enemies.

Charge Focus & Fear

This is a great little macro to have if your about to kill an enemy and healer decides to show up and save the day, simple set the healer as a focus and use the below macro. You will charge over to him and instantly use Intimidating Shout, giving you enough time to return to the fight and slaughter the enemy.

#showtooltip Intimidating Shout
/cast [target=focus]Charge
/cast [target=focus]Intimidating Shout

Pummel Focused Target

Simple and effective way to interrupt the focus target while your dpsing your current target.

#showtooltip Pummel
/cast [target=focus]Pummel

Stormbolt Focused Target

Simple and effective way to stun the focus target while your dpsing your current target.

#showtooltip Storm Bolt
/cast [target=focus]Storm Bolt

Burst Macro

Now to the main macro, your burst. This is the most effecient way of deliverying your most powerful abilities.

#showtooltop Battle Cry
/cast Battle Cry
/cast Blood Fury (Orc Specific)
/cast Avatar
/use Saltwater Potion

This may change depending on your talent choices.

Saltwater Potions are amazing for BG's. You can purchase them from the pvp vendors in Dalaran for x1 Mark of Honor They provide 30% increased damage for 12 seconds which is super powerful.

Tip: Other additional damage buffs include but not limited to, Blood Lust, Heroism & Beserker BG buffs
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