Paladins - Will Introduce its Own Battle Royale Mode
paladins battlegrounds

Hi-Rez Studios announced Paladins: Battlegrounds, their Battle Royale mode that will be launched later in 2018

After the huge success of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, many game developers have joined this modern gold hunt, by creating new ones, or introducing the "Battle Royale" mode into their existing games.

This is the case of Hero shooter Paladins, where developers during the HRX 2018, have announced the Paladins: Battlegrounds, which will be a "Battle Royale" mode with some original aspects.

In Paladins: Battlegrounds, 100 players will be dropped on a large map where groups of players fight each other to be the last standing team by killing enemies and looking for new equipment in the outposts.

The developers also have said that the game will retain its strengths, where the mode will be an alternative to the classic Battle Royale games.

This new mode is planned to be launched later this year and will be free to play.