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Jugernaut305 Fury Warrior Kicking BG ass! Making that friend's list bigger!
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Not making this videos to show that im the best warrior ever... far from that actually ^^ just throwing my name out there to get some Btag invites and hit some BGs. Pvp aint dead, sometimes we forget to socialize and invite a couple of strangers, talk about a strategy and make the best of a random BG. I have gotten many invites and i am pleased, very happy with the fact that Random Battlegrounds once more are allowing me to enjoy this game i've been playing so long. Thanks to getting to know random ppl, sharing some strats and enjoying what this game has to offer together.

Jugernaut#1609 Add me up and lets get some BGs done! W/e you decide to do, make sure you dont forget to have fun in this game!

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