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Jugernaut305 Fury Warrior Legion Bg Pvp AB 20-0 Killing it!
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Just messing around with some friends again... having a blast playing fury spec and enjoying what pvp has to offer. Poeple often forget this battlegrounds are meant to be played with your other 9 members (maybe more depending on the bg) and try to solo queue without a goal or a plan. Grab some friends and work on a simple strat and let the victories come to you :)

Always looking for ppl to add me and hit BGs witt. Add me and lets hit it


Also, if you like this videos and want to see more i have plenty on my youtube channel. Im always recording BGs and posting them to throw my btag out there, meet ppl and PvP with ya'll Check my other videos and like/comment if you want


Here's the link of the video!