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Jugernaut305 WoW 7.2 Fury Warrior Bg PvP Owning WsG, loving the come back ^^
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Sorry haven't made videos lately! Just had a kid and haven't had time to even feed myself :) Decided to log in and do a WSG quickly and as always :) We destroyed WSG, hunted every healer possible and had a great time. Whatever you do in game, dont forget to play with friends and have a good time :) Add me up, Jugernaut#1609 and lets hit some BGs together :)

Follow me on youtube also, Jugernaut305, also add me up in game Jugernaut#1609 Here's the link to the video as well! Like and comment if you liked it!
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Glad to see you again, and congratulations on your new arrival
And of course, thanks for your videos.
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