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Jugernaut305 - WoW Legion 7.2.5 Elemental Shaman BG PvP Blast you!
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I often hear that Elemental Shamans are weak and it's hard to BG with them. It's true lol... but ppl forget how PvP works sometimes. Every class has a counter and they will be weaker to some.The key it's support, the Elemental Shaman specifically does very well when the right support it's given by his/her team mates.

This is another video of me bringing whatever class to Battlegrounds with the right support, team work and communication among friends which always leads me to a healthy experience in PvP and fun moments i want to repeat with this class and any other out there.

PLAY WHAT YOU LIKE AND NOT WHAT YOU'RE TOLD! Here's the video link as well to Youtube!

Add me up, jugernaut#1609, also follow on youtube for more videos Jugernaut305 lets hit some BGs together and own it up in the battle field!