Favorite support to play?
I'm a player that generally picks support all the time now but the life of support is tough. A random PA dagger or a single stun from the Monkey King can lead to your death. I like playing Visage, Crystal Maiden, Winter Wvyern, Io and Rubick. Visage is my go to support because of how well I do in the trilanes and micro my familiars (it's always so fun to chase other supports with my familiars and kill them as they desperately try to kill my familiars).

Crystal Maiden is the hard 5 for me. I pick her when my carries are very greedy and want to leave me starving.
I play Winter Wvyern like a 4 and keep roaming. The artic burn is very useful in ganks. I generally make my first rotation at the first night. Io is my go to support when I have trust in my carry. Playing Io requires great communication so I generally play him a lot in party. Rubick is always fun because you can steal enemy spells and beat them at their own game.

What are your favorite supports? I would like to know more supports and why do you like them so I can increase my support hero pool.
Working Buck
If it's support, I would go with Crystal Maiden, she can farm her way to build items so you can help the team more. She can slow enemies on the lane for the carry, and can also use that skill when escaping. She can also make a decent damage on team fights with her ult aside from that it also slows the enemies, the tough part about Crystal Maiden is that she is a bit squishy.