Lifeblood is a new game to Steam. It is a fantasy platform where you can find many of the things that vanilla World of Warcraft had that made it so great, but it uses it in entirely different ways. Currently, Lifeblood only has a Battle Royale mode, but the developers plan on expanding away from the BR genre. Let me give you a rundown:

Behold the arena, a forested area filled with natural resources and a mysterious type of crystal called Etherium. Team up with your allies and build a ruthless team worthy of the Gods’ graces. Destroy all other enemy teams to stop the fatal shroud encroaching on the land.

There are several items available in the battle arena that are stored in the player’s inventory (B), including Etherium, Wood, Metal, Leather, and Cloth. These resources are used to craft and upgrade armor and weapons. They are harvested from natural nodes that spawn around the map and can also be found in treasure chests located nearby and around villages. Chests also offer regenerative potions for health and energy.
To view your crafting page, press O. Players can choose their class by crafting its respective weapon type. For example, crafting a two-handed sword and equipping it will imbue the user with Berserker abilities. Weapons can be swapped out to change your class during the match.

Armor can be crafted and upgraded using resources harvested from the land. Different armor types will have different stats based on which stats the class uses to their advantage. For example, Spellslingers should craft cloth armor because it is high in intellect, their primary stat. Armor can be upgraded by Shift+Right-Clicking your gear in the Profile tab (P). With additional resources, your gear can be upgraded to a maximum of Tier 3.

Both armor and weapons can be “rerolled” at the cost of one Etherium to change stat variations on pieces of gear. There are several armor sets with differently configured stats to alter your gameplay. Gear can be rerolled by Ctrl+Right-Clicking on the piece of gear in your Profile tab.

Shrines are fixed locations on the map that have a chance to spawn Godtouched accessories, including rings and necklaces. These are additional pieces of gear that cannot be found anywhere else during the game and offer special attributes such as lifesteal. Players can collect this special gear from Shrines by sacrificing 50% of their HP to the Gods, which will regenerate as normal. Shrines have five uses before collapsing.

There are three main objectives in battle royale: avoid the shroud, bolster your team, and kill or be killed. Lifeblood is a team-based game, thus it is wise to stick by your team and not wander off. It is unlikely a lone player will survive the attacks of another team working together. Work together and utilize the different classes and their abilities to tailor your gameplay to a strategy that wins the match. Lifeblood is not balanced around solo-gameplay.


Charging into battle, Berserkers are fueled by a relentless rage and rely on their brute strength to quickly overwhelm opponents. Wielding a massive broadsword, these bruisers channel their bloodlust into a vicious blade flurry of devastating strikes.

With an affinity for arcane energies, those able to wield magic in battle are known as the mystical Spellslingers. Powerful and illusive, these conjurers possess an extraordinary ability to manipulate the field of energy surrounding them, effectively creating a deadly environment for any rival within range.

With an unparalleled precision in marksmanship, these hunters utilize their agility and swift cunning to quickly disengage from the fight and loose deadly arrows into the skulls of their enemies.

The remorseless Assassin seizes any opportune moment to bury their daggers into those foolish enough to turn their backs on these stealthy assailants. As masters of avoidance, Assassins can escape from the heat of battle and quickly recover before returning to finish off their victims.

Few remain as righteous and vigilant as the Crusader; those who believe in a higher purpose, to give protection to the weak and mete out justice to those deemed unworthy, find themselves seeking the path of these saviors. As upholders of the sacred teachings of the Gods, Crusaders shield allies from harm and bestow their blessings upon others.

The game is heavily team-based and is neither mind-numbingly easy nor overly difficult. It doesn't hand out wins on a silver platter, it requires actual skill to win. There are also no ways to get screwed over by RNG.

It isn't an FPS 'fantasy' PVP Battle Royale game like some other Battle Royale games, its a good hot cup of exactly what we have been wanting for quite some time!

These are the current classes that the game has, and the developers plan on adding in even more! With so many different classes to play, along with the learning curve on abilities, many of you will love this game!