Has Vayne been nerfed recently ?
Hey there,
I've been maining Vayne for a while now, and even though i've been playing LoL less often recently, one of my recent games with her made me ask myself something.. Has she been nerfed ? Her tumble's damage doesn't do much anymore, her silver bolts are effectively still doing their work, but her overall early damage ? She's never been like that before. I can still count on my E + Flash combo that can make you 1v1 mostly any other champion in early state of my games, but otherwise, if i'm getting matched against a Draven, a Kalista or even a Miss Fortune, i'm quite sure to see the beautiful Defeat red screen in 20 minutes.

Not to talk about the Caitlyn + Janna combo.. I hate this.
So, has she been nerfed or i'm just being a newbish Vayne player that can't play safely enough ? (which might be the case actually)