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"Bunker" condi Thief
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This is a guide explaining how to play cancer thief.

Despite the fact that alot of people say condi thief sucks, I think it's very good because I can easily hold a point or contest it while I handle difficult situation such as 1v2 or 1v3 (if your opponents are really bad you can easily kill 2 or 3 people in a 1vX as long as you don't spam dodge like a tard).

I easily reached diamond tier in pvp with this build so you should be able to do the same :)


1Your role

Try to be as cancerous as possible. Give your venom to your mates if possible and then go far again and again and again and again... and hold as many players as possible because if you are 1v2, well it means your mates are 4v3 :>

Also, try not to die. Hold the 1v2 as much as possible and switch shortbow and flee when you're about to die.


-Don't fuck with Dragonfuckers. You'd get wrecked.

-If there is an engi or a DH on far as the game begins, just leave and help mid.

-You can shut down thieves and revenant really easily.

-Your heal has 14 sec CD. Spam it.

-Don't overstay in a 1v2. Holding a point contested is not always worth dying.

-Against a necro, dodge the plague signet and the Plague sending trait. Always engage a necro while dodging (3 + F1 or V+F1) otherwise you'll get os'd by your own condi burst.

-Main combo: Activate all your venom. Cast Impairing Daggers and use Steal while casting. Cripple, bleeding, poison, slow, immobilize, vulnerability, torment, confusion and Basilisk venom in 0,5 sec.

-You have the "Hard to catch" trait but you're still weak against CC's so be careful in match up such as condi war

-IGNORE THE SALT. People will get salty AF and you will get alot of angry pm. Just ignore them or send them something to piss them off BUT stay focused on your game.
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