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Bunker Druid
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This is a guide about how to play bunker druid on Eternal Coliseum.

I am not really used to play this build since I've only played thief until now but this game turned out to be quite interesting despite the fact we got rekt at the beginning.


1Your role

Basically, your role is to go mid and keep your friend alive while your pet deals damages.

Keep the point contested.

As the game begins, cast "We heal as one" to make sure everyone has swiftness.

Don't forget you have a shitton of stun break. You can enter Celestial Avatar, use "Protect me" or Signet of Renewal.

2Some stuff you want to know

-Power build such as thief are really annoying since they can put you down pretty easily.

-You should ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PET ALIVE. He carries your dps.

-Take care as you leave the transform on a point because it will make everyone stealth and that's not something you want to do when you're capturing a point.

-Swapping your pet cancels "Strength of the Pack"

-You can brain pretty easily with the stealth+superspeed (For exemple: 7:35 in the gameplay)