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Jugernaut305 Fury warrior Bgs, friends and fun!
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Hi there. Every week or so i make a little video doing BGs with some friends i have made here on the forums and always looking for ppl to add me to play with. I got tired of joining guilds that advertise pvp only to find out nobody want it to do anything. I started throwing my battletag out there and i have gotten many invites to the point i log in and start a group in seconds.

Jugernaut#1609 Add me up and lets hit some BGs together. W/e you do, always do it with friends. Wow and PvP aint dead, its what you make out of it. Have fun, enjoy this video and see you on the battle field.

Follow me on Youtube, like and comment if you can and enjoy this videos :) Jugernaut305 Watch other videos im always uploading of us kicking BG ass!