Aboutpvp Newsletter #1
Aboutpvp Newsletter 1

In this newsletter we will show you bugfixes and all new features and games that we have implemented

In the last 3 weeks, the website has received many updates in addition to having added many more game sections.

With this newsletter, we will show you all new features implemented and how you can gain advantages by using them.


  • The video transcoding process has received a big optimization that now increase the process speed by 150%.
  • The video transcoding process has received a little bug fixes that occur with some video formats.
  • The css and javascript code is now 1.5 times smaller and compressed, for increasing browser performance.
  • Fixed some minor issues that occur with the last google chrome version.
  • Minors graphical changes and misspelled words corrections.


  • Now you can hide the chapters titles during the guide's creation, by clicking on the checkbox near the title field, in this way you can add your own BBCode titles or custom images as titles.
  • Now you can add teammate videos for League Of Legends game, by selecting Team under champions select-box, this is an experimental feature.
  • Now we support a microblogging, as you can see in this newsletter, in this news we will inform you about game news, sports news, website updates and what happens in the community weekly.


  • We have implemented Paladins, Overwatch, Black Desert, Tree Of Savior, Smite and Archeage sections, and now our games sections reaches 11 titles.
  • From all of these new games, Smite, Tree Of Savior and Archeage have special contents implemented.

For Tree Of Savior we have developed an ability tree simulator and stats tree simulator.
For Archeage we have developed a skill tree simulator.
For Smite we have developed an item build tools and an ability order tool.


  • In addition to simple graphical changes we have implemented a step by step instructions under video and guide creation form.


  • Actually we do not support mobile.
  • Some Javascript issues with IE9+

For now, that is all!
Remember that all the website may change in the future, it is in BETA and we want to improve more and more, and for this we need your feedback!
You can write us with the feedback form, under the comments below or in the forum suggestions section.

Stay tuned, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Good Luck for your PvP battles!

-Aboutpvp staff