ArcheAge – 4.5 Update Is Now Live
Archrage 4.5 - Legends Return

Legends Return has arrived and comes with tons of new features, changes, bugfixes and two fresh servers.

This new update allows us to tame and ride dragons that can be used during battles!

Dragons are the first flying mount in the Archeage world and they should be fed every 30 days if we don't want to lose them.

The update introduces also two new fresh servers, Nui and Ezi, these servers will be totally free-to-play.

Update 4.5 also adds a major overhaul of ArcheAge's skill trees and effects. Many skills have swapped trees or been removed from the game completely, for more and detailed info check the official Skill Change Log.

Arenas now feature Cross-Server matchmaking. This excludes the Fresh Start servers, as they will run on their own matchmaking server for balance reasons.

Its also been added a new Crafting Request system where you can ask others to craft items for you in a secure trading way, and benefit from both money and skill improvements.

See the Official Patch for the full list of changes.