Archeage 3.5 - Erenor Eternal is coming
Archeage 3.5

The Erenor Eternal (3.5) Update is coming on June 7

Finally, the Archeage 3.5 update is coming, and bring with it many new features!

The new update will add a new level character advancement with the new Ancestral system, new zones, new world events, a new item tier (Erenor), new grade of gear (Eternal), and much more.

Now we can go beyond level 55 with the Ancestral system that is a new type of endgame leveling, by this you can now also augment some skills from your skill tree and change their power or effects, so we will have a very new and in deep customizations system for our characters.

Auroria has starting to reveal new zones and secrets like the events in the new Whales will Straits and Whalesong Harbor or the Aegis Island in the great sea that gives you the new materials for crafting the new Ereanor equipment.

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