Archeage - The 4.0 Update, Maelstrom is now Live
Archeage 3.0 Maelstorm wallpaper

Trion World has finally released the new 4.0 update of its Archeage, here is a list of the biggest changes

Trion World has finally released the new 4.0 update of its Archeage, bringing a lot of improvements and contents, including a complete overhaul to the lunagem system, the introduction of the cross-server arenas, the new naval arena, the new raid finder bulletin board, the new raid alliance system, crafting improvements, new events and much more.

Improved Lunargem System
It will no longer be possible to create Lunascales, which was been replaced with new gems that have 100% success rate without a chance to fail like the old gems.
Now we have 5 types of gemstones of different colors, and each of these will give specific types of bonuses, for example, red = damage, blue = defense etc., so you can choose the type of effect to apply.
Obviously, as these will no longer fail, they'll have a higher application cost in gold and labor.

Cross-Server Arenas
With the introduction of 4.0 a new system of cross server arenas was added, to compete with players from other regions and thus increase the challenge, the new system works for all of them except for the 1vs1 Gladiator Arena.

The Bloodsalt Bay
The first naval arena is here, in this new arena you will have to collaborate on a ship with 4 other players and compete with 3 other ships composed by other players in search of the "Drowned Souls", which can be purified by cannon or naval collision, you will also have to be careful about the monster that dwells in the center of the arena.
It will be a race against time as the battles will last 12 minutes, and only the team that will have purified the largest number of "Drowned Souls" will win the match.

The Raid Finder Bulletin Board
Now will be easier for players to find or create a raid with the new raid finding system, just open the new raid recruit/search panel to join other raids, or create a new one.

The Raid Alliance System
For larger raids, such as those created for open world bosses, there is a new system that allows two or more raids to ally and collaborate together, putting a massive amount of players together for killing the big bosses, such as the Kraken. In this way, all raids will receive rewards and not only one.

For a complete lists of changes see the Official Patch Notes

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