Black Desert introduce the House Fame system
Black Desert patch

The more characters you grow and develop, the more benefits you may receive !

A House Fame system has been added, here is a list of changes that this adds to the game.

  • All characters stats within your family name will be stored in the newly introduced fame system.
  • The more characters you grow and develop the more benefits you may receive.
  • Fame is separated into combat fame, life fame, and special fame. This information can be found in the ‘My Information’ window (P).
  • Combat fame and life fame are calculated from all of your character’s combat and life levels.
  • Special fame is calculated by your knowledge and contribution points.
  • Depending on your points in each of the fame categories, you will receive a variety of daily benefits at the daily reset. Make sure to check your in-game mail and the Achievement Window (Y).
  • As benefits of various Fame Rewards, [House Fame Fund] will be given out to your mail every midnight.
  • For returning adventurers, claimable benefits from when you last logged out will be accumulated.
  • Logging into the game between UTC +0 and Maintenance start time will be counted as logging in for the day, and will not allow you to collect a daily benefit.
  • Even if your level prevents you receiving the buff provided by the Combat Fame, you will still see it in the completed tab (however you will not be able to use it).

Source: Official Notes