League of Legends - Pre-Season 8 Changes
League of Legends preseason updates

Pre-Season 8 is started and comes with tons of changes and new features

The League Of Legends Season 7 is now over, Samsung Galaxy team has won the Worlds, and many were the changes introduced during the year.

But now it's time for a new season, and new big changes as Riot Games often accustomed us.

The pre-Season has arrived, and with the Patch 7.22, it comes with one of the biggest changes in the League of Legends history.

The biggest upgrade concerns the total rebuilding of rune system, and the removing of the masteries, which were merged with the old runes to create this new system.

Riot Games has wanted to fix one of the main design problems for a long time, that the runes were not free for everyone, and that only the level 3 of them were used.

In the past, we have seen several changes to the masteries, but runes have remained always the same, except for a small graphics change in the last season.


Now, with the new runes, we have 5 path to choose (Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve, and Inspiration), where each of them has its own set of runes.

You can choose only two of them, the main one, and the secondary one.
In the main path, you can choose up to four runes, one out of three for each level, in this path you can also choose a primary rune, called Keystone, which is the most powerful and can definitely change your way of playing.
In the secondary path, you will not be able to choose any keystone, but you will be able to choose two runes from a set of 9.


Precision is about improved basic attacks and sustained damage


Domination is about burst damage and target access
Jungler and Top Laner


Resolve is about durability and crowd control
Tanker, Support, and Top Laner


Sorcery is about empowered abilities and resource manipulation
Mid Laner and Casters


Inspiration is about using creative tools and bending some rules

Us of Aboutpvp, as always, have added this new system that you can use on the guide creation page, or through our Runes Calculator, to share your build anywhere.

In addition to the new runes system and as a direct result of it, some changes have been made to multiple champions, which will probably continue for the next season.

Riot Games
Our old rune system gave champions a lot of raw base stats, and especially early game those stats heavily impact the feeling of basic actions, like last-hitting and jungle clears. We want a lot of the instincts players have about the game to remain consistent, so we're pumping a lot of base stats directly back into the champions themselves. For the most part, this means Health, Armor, or Attack Damage, but we've also taken this opportunity to introduce a new stat into the game: bonus Attack Speed at level 1

Same applies to the items, which have been rebalanced and added with new.

Riot Games
Similar to the base stat adjustments, we also want to make sure that supports have the ability to spec into Bandit. To make it less of a direct rune tradeoff, we're pushing that passive into support items

Last but not least, and this is a big change, the level cap has been removed, which eliminates IP acquisition in favor of a reward system that will give you a chest every-time you level up, where you can find essences, champ shards, gemstone and emotes.

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