League Of Legends - Samsung Galaxy wins the 2017 World Championships
lol world championships 2017

After beating the current SK Telecom T1 champions who had won in the last two years

Congratulations to the new World Champions !

The 2017 World Championships for League Of Legends ended after a spectacular opening cerimony, and a clear victory for 3-0 of the Samsung Galaxy (SSG) against current SK Telecom T1 (SKT) champions.

The South Koreans, SKT has handed its first ever worlds defeat, after winning the World Summoner’s Cup for two consecutive years.

This is the second world championship win for the SSG guys, and third finals appearance, where one year ago, in the 2016 world final, they came out defeated facing again SKT in an exciting 3-2.

In the first match SSG has completely dominated every phase of the game giving only bottom turret at the enemy and they never even given a true team fight, which could have given at the SKT guys a chance to come back.

In the second match, SKT have tried forcing some team fights, with a very aggressive composition, thinking of being able to dominate the enemy by attacking it directly.
But unluckily for them, SSG has one of the best team fights in the world.
Also this time, the match will end with an overwhelming victory for the SSG team.

This was the most balanced match of the series, where SSG went under towers, gold and kills, in the mid-game, seemed that the gap would be entirely insurmountable.
But a nice strategy pulled SSG back into the game and gave them enough gold to take down SKT Nexus stopping the streak of victories of their Korean rivals.


  • 2011 - Fnatic
  • 2012 - Taipei Assassins
  • 2013 - SK Telecom T1
  • 2014 - Samsung Galaxy White
  • 2015 - SK Telecom T1
  • 2016 - SK Telecom T1
  • 2017 - Samsung Galaxy

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