A look into Battle for Azeroth
wow battle for azeroth

Battle for Azeroth is the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, we will try to take a look at its main features.

During the latest BlizzCon was announced the next expansion for World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth, which will bring us back in the middle of a new bloody war between horde and alliance, we will try to list its main new features.

Two New Continents
The two new continents will find themselves in the middle of the ocean and will be called Kul Tiras (Alliance) and Zandalar (Horde), each one of them will include three zones and one capital faction.

Kul Tiras


Kul Tiras is the homeland of Jaina Proudmoore, sailing towards it urging the inhabitants to follow you towards the new war against the horde.
This region will be divided into three zones called Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, and Stormsong Valley.
Tiragarde Sound hosts the capital and will be the headquarters of the Alliance during the war, it is located in the middle of Kul Tiras, and it is the fulcrum of the entire region, the inhabitants of Tiragarde Sound are experienced hunters of marine monsters and every day must fight against the scourge of piracy that infests their coasts.
Drustvar is located to the south and is a forest with a mountainous area, it is governed by House Waycrest's Lord and is afflicted by a terrible curse that has brought its citizens to their knees.
Stormsong Valley lies to the north, is a lush and green valley and is governed by House Stormsong, home to a sect of religious fanatics who call themselves sea priests and bless the ships that are produced and used for the war.

Zandalar is the center of troll civilization in all of Azeroth, travels up to it and convince them to support you in the war effort with their maritime power.
This region will be divided into three zones called Zuldazar, Naz Mir and Vol'Dun.
Zuldazar is the fulcrum of the entire region and hosts its capital, here often the various tribes of trolls fight each other for domination, recently there have been raids by "blood trolls" from Naz Mir.
Naz Mir was once a lush forest, but today it is a rotten swamp in the north and is the home of ferocious blood trolls.
Vol'Dun was once a forest, today it is a huge desert inhabited by the criminal exiles of the Zandalari tribe, which are sent here to a certain death.



New Races
So as already happened in previous expansions, Battle for Azeroth will introduce new playable races that will be unlocked after completing certain quests.

Lightforged Draenei



Dark Iron Dwarves



Void Elves



Zandalari Trolls






Highmountain Tauren



One of Battle for Azeroth biggest news is the Warfront, a 20-player co-op battlefield where players will have to work together to build structures, research new tecnologies, get resources and train new troops that will attack enemies to conquer strategic positions for your faction.
This new PvA mode is inspired by Warcraft's classic RTS battles.

Island Expeditions
This is a new hybrid PvP and PvA mode, subdivided into 4 different difficulties, such as dungeons, where groups of 3 players will challenge each other to explore and collect resources useful for war, from the countless islands of the sea, which until now have remained unexplored.
Blizzard said that this will be one of the most dynamic modes of the WoW world, where each expedition will always be different from the previous one.

New Dungeons
Battle for Azeroth will introduce also ten new dungeons, 5 for each faction until to level 120 where they will all be accessible for both.
Alliace: Freehold, Waycrest Manor, Tol Dagor, Shrine of the Storm, Siege of Boralus.

Horde: Atal'Dazar, Temple of Sethraliss, The Underrot, King's Rest, Kezan.


Heart of Azeroth
The Artifact Weapons system will be replaced with a new one that will focus on the upgrade of a legendary artifact called Heart of Azeroth, which will be given to you by Magni Bronzebeard.
The Heart of Azeroth will empower piece of equipment and will be upgraded with a resource called Azerite that will be acquired through exploration, raids, dungeons and possibly other activities.

PvP Changes
There will be the addition of a new battleground called Seething Shore which will be located on the coast of Sillithus, and two new arenas called Zuldazar and Tiragarde.
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In addition to raising the level cap to 120, will also be introduced a system of voice chat inside the game and a new social system based on guilds.

For more info, check the official Battle for Azeroth website.

The new expansion will be released during this year.