Master X Master - Today Is the Last Day
MxM Farewell

Master X Master, the innovative MOBA by NCsoft will be closed today January 31.

The announcement had already been given months ago, through their official website and there we can read:

Here is no easy way to say this, but regretfully, we will be discontinuing our service for MXM, with the final day of the game’s life to be January 31. Deciding to close the game is not a decision we come to lightly, but ultimately it came down to a matter of business—we explored several options, but none of them were sustainable. We truly believe that MXM is special, and offered a lot of new ideas to change up the MOBA genre, but in trying to carve out a niche for itself, we failed to connect with players.

Us at Aboutpvp are very disappointed, we have believed a lot in this game, for us it was a good and funny alternative to the "bigs", like LoL and Dota.

Our sections will still stay open, you can always upload videos, guides and discuss them on our forum.

Farewell MxM..