Welcome to Master X Master - aka MxM - the new MOBA by NCsoft
Master X Master

The new Master X Master is here

Master X Master Master Master aka MxM, the new MOBA by NCsoft is now supported and available here, on Aboutpvpp.com

But what is MxM?
Mxm is a very innovative MOBA, which aims to distinguish itself from the classics League Of Legends and Dota 2 by focusing on action mechanics, in fact players will use the WASD keys to move and mouse to aim, as if it were an FPS with isometric view.

In MxM each player controls two playable characters known as "Masters", most of which are characters from previous games published by NCsoft such as Blade & Soul, Lineage, and others.

But the main peculiarity of the title is precisely the ability to use two characters, and swap them during combat, this is called TAG system.

Take a look at our two tools dedicated to the game and of course, tell us what you think in the dedicated forum


Have fun!