Drasynice site Updated5 days 12 hours ago
logum@Garboo We are working with groups and will add top videos/guides with rewards and giveaway. And of course we will add more games and more features :)2 weeks 5 days ago
GarbooLove the site an would love to see it grow, Any way i could get more involved?2 weeks 5 days ago
Shots (not verified)pls add Lineage 22 weeks 6 days ago
logum@Garboo Very nice :D2 weeks 6 days ago
GarbooHey guys just did another Paladins Drogoz montage Check it out <32 weeks 6 days ago
Bluewice (not verified)whats up I make good vids :D2 weeks 6 days ago
Bries (not verified)Hello, nice website :)3 weeks 1 day ago
logumWelcome to the Aboutpvp shoutbox !1 month 5 days ago
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